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Family values and responsibilities are a leading priority in our company. Re-Play employs multi-generations from within our close community. Re-Play accommodates and honors motherhood by employing new moms and allowing them to a share a workload. Re-Play supports community by offering paid internships to local college students to further share the importance of environmental and social harmony with our future business leaders. All employees’ ideas and input are encouraged and considered in making decisions about the company, both big and small.

December 16, 2016

Every Child Can Learn to Eat Well – Books to Help You Along the Way

Every Child Can Learn to Eat Well according to feeding expert Dina Rose, PhD. Her book, along with a few others are invaluable resource to giving your... READ MORE

December 20, 2015

Pinterest RE-ality: Chocolate Pretzel Snowman

Today’s Pinterest Reality is a Chocolate Pretzel Snowman. This craft looks a lot prettier and easier than it is. It’s still a great craft for the ... READ MORE

December 13, 2015

Pinterest Re-ality: Peppermint Charger

Today we are showing you how to make this cute peppermint charger we found on Pinterest. This is such a fun and simple craft. There are so many fun ... READ MORE

December 7, 2015

REading Igloo

 To make this fun REading Igloo out of milk jugs we used 430 milk jugs, a giant card board box, a 80 inch round rug, hot glue guns and hot glue. We u... READ MORE

June 21, 2015

Smart Savings Tip # 7 – Couponing Websites & Apps

I’m going to let you in on the biggest couponing secret of all: The coupon database. Many couponing websites or blogs have a coupon database that... READ MORE