Baby Food

What your baby eats in the first year sets the foundation for their taste and food preferences as older children. Eating is a sensory experience, and touch and smell are just as important as taste. Offer adventurous choices from the start.

January 8, 2018

Cheesy Cracker Puffs

Video: Cheesy Cracker Puffs Ingredients:  3 cups freshly grated cheddar... READ MORE

January 23, 2017

First Foods- Apple & Oats

This combination of ingredients is sweet, creamy and very healthy. It’s also very versatile: if you are doing it for a 6-month-old baby who is just ... READ MORE

August 5, 2016

Fuel Packed Foods ~ Getting in the Nutrients

Looking for some recipe ideas to get your kids to try new foods and still eat healthy? Well, we have partnered with Pediatric Nutritionist, Nicole Si... READ MORE

July 27, 2016

First Foods – Ratatouille

Feeding a toddler and an infant? This recipe is for you! Blend a portion for baby and serve the vegetable sauce over noddles for an older child. ... READ MORE

July 24, 2016

First Foods – First Hummus

This pea and garbanzo bean puree gives your baby an introduction to hummus. Steam peas and blend together with remaining ingredients, adding water ... READ MORE