Weather Magnets

Rain, rain go away!! It has been raining so much here lately my girls are going stir crazy. They’ve been cooped up inside wishing for sunshine and rainbows, so I thought why now make some of our own? Since Spring is right around the corner and we can hardly wait I decided a pastel rainbow was in order. I made these fun weather magnets to brighten up our fridge no matter how dreary it is outside. Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

Supplies: Yellow pipe cleaners, Rainbow color pipe cleaners, Cotton balls, Glue gun, 2″ hole punch, Pencil, Blue beads, 10 Peel & stick Magnets, Scissors, Needle, Fishing Line


1- Using the paper punch, punch out a circle from the card stock

2- Take a yellow pipe cleaner and starting at one end roll it into a circle and then glue it onto your card stock. It will probably be smaller then your circle so glue another pipe cleaner down to cover the rest of the paper and trim any excess.

3- Cut another pipe cleaner into 8 pieces for the sun rays. Mine were about 2″ long.

4- Center the magnet on the back of the sun and then glue your rays all the way around. One magnet wasn’t strong enough to hold mine up so I glued a second magnet on top of the other one and it was perfect.


1- Draw some clouds onto your card stock and cut them out. Mine were about 3″ long.

2- Glue one end of your rainbow cleaners down right next to each other on one of the clouds.

3- Starting with the bottom color bend it to get the arch shape you want and the glue it onto the other cloud. Trim off the excess. Repeat with the other colors until they are all glued down.

4- Tear your cotton balls apart and glue down onto your card stock, fluffing as needed.

5- Flip it over and add 4 magnets.

Raindrop Cloud

1- Draw another cloud onto your card stock and cut it out. Mine was about 4.5″ long

2- Using the needle poke 3 holes toward the bottom of your cloud.

3- String up a bead using the fishing line then thread it thru one of the holes and tie it off in a knot. Repeat for the other two hanging at different lengths.

4- Tear your cotton balls apart and glue them down onto the side that has the knots. Fluff the cotton if needed then flip it over and add 4 magnets.


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