Sensitive Tummies

We were thrilled to have partnered with Pediatric Nutritionist, Nicole Silber, RD, CSP, CLC for an hour long Q & A session dedicated to feeding our little ones. Get the full recap here.

Here are some common questions that were asked and answered relating to sensitive tummies.

My question concerning my twins (almost 1) is how much food should I be offering them? They are currently drinking Alumentum formula (they have a milk protein sensitivity) and eating small portions of baby food. When would a safe time be to try them again on milk? What kind of milk (or other drinks) would you suggest for them?

I would begin to move them to more advanced textures. In the next few months they should begin to transition to table foods. I’d work on increasing their portions of food to about 1/2 cup-1 cup of food at each meal. Their formula should begin to decrease towards 20 ounces/day, maybe even a little less. At one year you can re-try whole cow’s milk as a challenge and see how they do. I would start with just 1 ounce and see how they react. But please consult your pediatrician if they did have severe allergies.

My 15 month old is chronically constipated. We’ve tried juice, prunes, more fruits, even miralax. Is there something I’m overlooking that we can feed him to help?

Sometimes those little tummies can be slow. If you add lots of fiber without enough fluid, that can make constipation a bit worse. Make sure to up the fluid/water intake. Have you tried chia seeds? 1 heaping spoonful mixed into yogurts or oatmeal can really do the trick! And so can a probiotic -I like biogaia. If it doesn’t get better with diet you may want to consider getting a GI consult.

My daughter is 2.5 yr old and was a preemie. She’s still very petite however moving up her own curve. Since starting solids she’s had off and on constipation issues. She has a bm everyday however it is small pebbles. Her doctor recommended eliminating dairy/gluten and increasing fiber/liquids. Problem is she’s a picky eater. I have tried eliminating dairy, increasing liquids, prune juice, dried prunes, increasing fiber … but it’s not getting better. She’s not one to drink a lot so I constantly remind her to drink. She loves all berries, apples, kiwi, banana, carrots, peas, spinach, and sweet potato. I give her a daily probiotic. Some friends have recently suggested magnesium oil on her stomach or adding magnesium powder to her water. Would this help? Would it help if I only give her mineral water instead of tap? I feel lost as to what to do to soften her stools naturally.

Sometimes there is no simple fix to constipation, as you’ve learned. I do see many kids who have a naturally sluggish GI tract. Sometimes little ones get in a vicious cycle of withholding because they are uncomfortable when their bowel movements are dry and hard. I like Biogaia probiotic. If eliminating dairy and gluten hasn’t helped I would put them back in her diet, because if you aren’t noticing an improvement I do not see a benefit to restricting it. How much water is she drinking? You may want to do a sticker chart for her with every cup of water she drinks she gets a sticker and she needs to make it to 5 stickers a day. It seems like you have the fiber covered, but have you tried ground flaxseeds or chia seeds? Those can work wonders! Sometimes it is posture as well. Try to have her sit up while pooping rather than slouching over. You can add some magnesium powder to her almond milk. But I would try the posture and chia/flax seeds. You can also try blending a date into her almond milk – that can do the trick! But, there are instances where if all of the above don’t work you may need something stronger like magnesium or miralax for a few weeks until she is regulated and then you can slowly back off and go back the natural route.

Bread is one of two things that will aggravate my son’s eczema. I am looking for high protein cold lunchbox ideas without bread. There aren’t but so many organic rice cakes with peanut butter I can feed him.  He’s a great eater and loves nearly all fruits and vegetables. He also likes very flavorful food. He often needs some kind of starch with his meal in order to feel full. He’s 3.

Great question! I hope this blog post helped give you some ideas…/top-fridge-less-lunch-items…/  Turkey slices work really well as does hummus but you can use an ice pack. If he needs some kind of starch things that work can be beans, rice, quinoa, quinoa/rice pasta, corn or potatoes.


About Nicole Silber

Nicole Silber, RD, CSP, CLC is a registered dietitian, board certified specialist in pediatric nutrition and certified lactation counselor. Nicole has worked with hundreds of children and families with chronic medical conditions, food allergies, picky eating, oral-motor and processing disorders, infant nutrition, breastfeeding, gastrointestinal conditions, prematurity, underweight and obesity. She works in private practice in New York City and also serves as Pediatric Nutrition Expert for Beech-Nut baby foods. Prior to her current roles she was a clinical nutritionist at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia and New York University Fink Children’s Ambulatory Care Center.

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