Monster Mash Party

 Throw a kid-friendly Halloween party with some not so spooky details.

Whenever looking for party decor we like to start on Etsy. Simply click direct links to shop the looks below.  Also, check out Target hot spot and the dollar store and see what goodies you can find.

One of my favorite details from the party were the kids stools. They came from Ikea, the covers were sewn by my mom but the legs are just socks found at the dollar store. SCORE! With the left over fabric from the covers I had my mom make some flag bunting to drape across the backdrop of the dessert table.
Another detail our little monsters loved were the sweets! Cake, cake pops, cookies, monster munch and yes even more cake in the form of a push cake. If you haven’t had a push cake before they are the greatest thing ever for small kids. You get a small portion of cake all wrapped up in a little push pop that allows it to be a mess free experience. Ours were from Push Cakes and they were delicious. You can’t beat that.
Re-play drinking cups were filled with our Goblin Brew that was made by mixing sherbert, sprite, pineapple juice & kool-aid with some added eyeballs for extra flavor.
We wanted to round out the sweets by offering up some real food so Alyssa made up some spider sammies that the kids loved! Carrots were set out in color coordinated cups, grapes a.k.a. monster boogers were packed tightly in handy little snack cups, on the go fruit pouches were given that spooky touch by wrapping in spiderwebs and blinged out spiders.
 The kids walked away with so many goodies from this party. Trick or treat bags, snack cups full of monster munch, mini monster hats, they built their own furry monster to take home and not to mention custom t-shirts with their names on them. Alyssa made these by creating a coordinating image on the computer to go along with all the other paper printables she made that helped pull the overall look together. She then printed them out on Avery brand transfer paper and ironed them on. Fairly inexpensive if you buy the Hanes t-shirts in the 5 pack and such a cute detail your guests will love.

 Eat, drink & Be scary!


About Jamie

Hi! My name is Jamie with Five Whimsy Lane and I like to make things pretty. Parties especially. Glitter enthusiast...lover of all things chocolate & a partynista. Is that a word? Wifey to one fabulous husband and mother to 3 amazing children, Caleb, Leilani & Olivia who are my main inspiration. What more could a girl ask for? When I'm not scouring Pinterest for hours (I'm working honey, I promise) you can find me digging in my fairy garden, dancing with the kids or cleaning my Dyson. Who wants a dirty vacuum? My love for parties began over 10 years ago when I was planning my sons 1st birthday. I realized I had a huge passion for details (some might call it an obsession). After many years and wonderful birthday memories later Sweet Jelly Parties was born. Children's events and baby showers are our specialty but I'm a lover of all reasons to celebrate. Anniversaries, holidays, graduations, it's a Friday so let's throw a party.....You name it, I'll glitter it. Every once in a while though I like to trade in my juice box for a glass of wine which is why I'm also a Certified Wedding Planner.

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