Very Hungry Caterpillar Snack


Cucumber slices (half circles)

Baby belle cheese wheel

Black olive

Corn kernels

Optional for grass:

Green leafy vegetables like fresh or steamed spinach leaves

Mandarine orange slices

Step 1, Body: Assemble the caterpillar’s body using cucumber slices.  You may opt to shape his body with an arch and stack the slices on the plate in an ascending then descending pattern.


Step 2, Head: To make the caterpillar’s head, trim off about 1/4 of the Baby Belle cheese and position the cheese wheel at the front of the caterpillar’s body.

Step 3, Facial Parts: Using the extra cheese, gently peel off the red wax and set the wax aside.  Cut out 2 ovals for the caterpillar’s eyes using a tapioca straw or small round/oval cutter.

Use the skin of the extra cucumber to create all circles for the inside of his eyes.

Antennae: Take the extra wax from the cheese wheel and break it in two pieces.  Gently massage the pieces of wax between your fingers and roll it out until you get desired length of antennae (about an inch long).  Do the same for the second one.

Stick the antennae directly on top the caterpillar’s head.  The wax should she soft enough to stick on its own.

Step 4, Nose: Slice a pitted black olive in half and use a round cutter or tip of a drinking straw to create a small round nose.

Step 5: Use corn kernels to make little legs

Optional, Step 6/7: Use green leafy vegetables like spinach to make grass and orange slices to add some color and sweetness.



About Nikki Garcia

Nikki Garcia is a Mom of 3 and lives in Manila, Philippines. "Nikkimbento came to be in August 2015 during a quest to incorporate my love affair with arts & crafts into my busy life with three kids. Through this, I found a fun and healthy way to feed them through bento. Bento box making and food art does not only help encourage my children to eat well, but it allows me to exercise my creativity in the kitchen."

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