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Hey Replay readers, it’s Jamie from Sweet Jelly Parties and I’m super excited to have teamed up with Re-play again to showcase 5 of their Christmas sets. It was so fun to work with these Frozen inspired sets because of all the different colors. I’ve actually done a Frozen themed party before, last year for my daughters 3rd birthday and it was all about Elsa. The majority of the Frozen parties I see are all geared toward her as well, so I thought how fun would it be to show off each character with their own kids table.

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My inspiration for Anna’s table was based off of her dress. I used a pretty royal blue tablecloth to represent her skirt. The stool covers were large circles cut out of an existing tablecloth I had that was the perfect shade of pink to represent her cape. A couple small accents of black like the napkins and straws were used to represent her bodice and boots. The table was topped with the great Re Play products in colors of bright pink, purple and sky blue to bring in those final touches from her dress.

Frozen Replay-48

Frozen Replay-24

Frozen Replay-26

I pulled inspiration from Elsa’s dress as well for her table and threw in a pop of lavender for the tablecloth. If you look closely you’ll see Elsa’s eyeshadow is lavender so the extra color really helped to separate all the blues and white. Accents of silver glitter gave it that extra special detail since she is the Ice Queen after all. I gave 4 of my handy kids stools from Ikea two coats of silver spray paint and then a coat of spray glitter. Did you know they make glitter spray paint? For someone like me whose favorite color is glitter it’s the greatest thing ever. You can usually find it at any craft store or at Home Depot. The stools were then topped with a cover made by my handy mama, in a pretty sheer fabric with snowflake accents found on Elsa’s tabletop consisted of Replay products in white, aqua and sky blue. I kept the centerpieces for both of the sisters tables pretty simple. Some fake snow topped with a round vase of more fake snow and a pretty snowflake floating inside. The snowflake theme was carried throughout with accents on all the silverware and used for decor around the food table.

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Frozen Replay-35

Last but not least and my favorite of all three tables is Olaf. I really wanted to set this one apart and give all the little boys that come to the party something different. Wood stumps to sit on to represent Olaf’s arms, a tablecloth as white as snow and a carrot centerpiece almost pretty enough to eat but since they were plastic probably not a good idea. The Replay products featured are white, orange and sky blue. Black napkins were used to represent his accents like that famous smile.

Frozen Replay-43

Frozen Replay-67

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The backdrop for where the kids sat was a last minute addition and proof that not everything goes as planned. I happened to come across a shimmery paper tablecloth at Party City that morning when picking up napkins so I bought two and covered the walls with them. I hung them up right away in hopes to get the creases out from the fold lines but that didn’t help. I was running short on time and being the perfectionist that I am, was just about to take them down because they had too many wrinkles. Just then my daughter says “We have an ice wall, this is amazing!!” So there you have it, my amazing giant wall of wrinkly ice.

Frozen Replay-35

Food, drinks and treats were all served up from one table. I made a Glacier Freeze drink by using some blue Gatorade and diluting it with some water and ice cubes. Mini water bottles with labels from Swish Printables were given an added touch of sparkle by adding rhinestones to the center of the snowflakes. For food the kids “finished each others sandwiches.” Turkey breast snowflake sandwiches. Snowman noses, pretzel stick antlers, frozen grapes, and yogurt parfaits topped with frozen hearts were all served up in Re-play snack cups. Sweet treats were Anna inspired cupcakes and color coordinated candies to fill some “Thank you snow much” goodie bags to take home. I used an existing snowman that I made out of coffee filters from a previous party and added some twigs and branches to make him look more like Olaf.

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After all the eats and treats were gone the kids burned off some energy with an indoor snowball fight. These were displayed on the floor in front of the food table with a cute little sign made by Swish Printables as well. Check out her website for more coordinating items. I live in Southern California so it’s still sunny and warm around Christmas time. Since real snowballs would melt faster than Olaf sitting by the fire I made fake ones from yarn. Cheap and easy enough the kids could even help out. I made a tutorial to show you how easy:

Supplies Needed:
White Yarn

Frozen Replay-61
I purchased the value brand yarn from Michaels. It gave me over 300 yards and cost me $3. I was able to make about 12 large snowballs from one package.

Step one-
Cut a piece of yarn about 12-15″ long. The longer you make it the easier it is to tie later.

Frozen Replay-71

Step two- Start wrapping the yarn around your fingers. I wanted larger snowballs so I used 4 fingers and wrapped them about 150 times. If you want smaller snowballs use less fingers and don’t wrap as many times. Don’t wrap too tight that you can’t slide the yarn off without keeping it together.

Frozen Replay-72

Step three- Slide the ball of yarn off your fingers and center it on the single piece of yarn cut earlier.

Frozen Replay-73

Step four- Wrap the single piece of yarn around the ball and tie into a knot. Make sure it’s tight. I like to flip the ball over and tie it again and then flip it one more time and tie it a third time. If it’s not tied tight than your snowball will fall apart once you fluff it.

Frozen Replay-74

Step five- Using the scissors cut the loops on both ends of the ball so they fall open.

Frozen Replay-76

Step six- Fluff your snowball and trim if needed.

Frozen Replay-77

Step seven- Aim your snowball and “Let it go”

Frozen Replay-68

Thank you so much for following along and stay tuned for some more festive ideas on how to use those fabulous Re-play products we all love.

Photos by: Hello Blue Photography


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