Shamrock Skewer Snacks

Hey replay readers! I wanted to share with you a fun & easy snack I made with my girls that goes along perfectly with the rainbow wands we just made. In honor of St. Patty’s Day being right around the corner I call these “Shamrock Skewers”. I served them up with a side of low fat vanilla yogurt topped with granola and the kids gobbled them up. Here is what you’ll need:



Rainbow colored fruit

Bamboo skewers

6 replay bowls

Vanilla low fat yogurt


Replay Snack Cups


1- Cut your bamboo skewers in half so you can get two snack sticks out of one skewer. I also cut the pointy edge off of my skewer so the sharp end wouldn’t poke anyone.

2- Cut your rainbow fruit into bite sized pieces and put in separate bowls. I used strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries & purple grapes.

2- Starting with your red fruit, gently poke the skewer through.

3- Repeat with the remaining fruit going in order of the rainbow colors.

4- For a sweet treat to snack on later I made little pots of gold by using the new black snack pods and filling them up with Rolo candies.


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