Smart Savings Tip # 5 – Take Advantage of Store Coupons & Organization

Smart Savings Tip # 5 – Take Advantage of Store Coupons

If you are just joining us, you may want to read last week’s Blog Post.

Today, I’m going to tell you all about store coupons and how to organize them.

Most commonly, store coupons can be found in the Sunday newspaper and in the weekly ad for your store. Other times, store coupons are found in seasonal coupon booklets.

Store Coupons can be identified by the fact that they say the store name on them and they do not say the words ‘Manufacturer Coupon’.

Here’s an example:

My favorite store puts coupons booklets in a carousel by the store entrance or exit and also keep some behind the customer service counter. Some stores don’t put the ads out at all, so you will have to be vigilant and ask customer service if they have any coupon books, whenever you are at the store.

Every month my store publishes two ads, one for Health and Beauty and another for Grocery savings. I suggest asking store personnel what type of ads the store usually has and which of those ads contain coupons.

I’ve also found store coupons on displays and near the items in the aisle. Coupon dispensers expel store coupons (Blinkies) near the item listed on them. If you look down the aisle at your store, you should be able to see them. I usually go down each aisle at my store and collect two of each coupon to use on the item either that date or in the future, perhaps when the item goes on sale.

Now that you have all of these coupons, Manufacturer and Store, you will need to find a way to keep yourself organized. I know of people who clip all of their coupons and store them in a folder according to their category, but that method does not work for me. When I tried that method, I wound up clipping more coupons than I used and made extra work for myself. When you have limited time to spend on such endeavors, you need the quickest, most efficient option. What I do, is file all of my ads (containing coupons) and weekly Newspaper inserts (according to week they were published) in a hanging file in a small filing cabinet. I label each folder with the date and when I am looking for a certain coupon, I can easily find the insert by the week it came out. I also have a folder for monthly ads. All of my loose coupons and ones that I’ve found inside or on products (Peelies), I keep in a little accordion file folder that I bought at an office supply store. It’s small enough to fit in my purse. Every month I go through it and get rid of any expired coupons.

Here’s a picture of my mini-accordion file folder:

Now that you know all about Store coupons (and manufacturer coupons) and how to keep them organized, you are ready to become a full savings enthusiast! Stay tuned for next week’s post in which I will divulge my coupon using secrets.

May the sales be ever in your favor!




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